Online Course - Start a Care Agency

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Start a Care Agency offers you the help and support you need to start, grow and establish your very own independent care agency. Your business will provide essential staffing services to the care sector and you will be primarily supplying staff to work within the elderly care sector. The current demand is far exceeding the rate of supply, so this is a great time to get started on your lucrative care agency business.

The course will include the following:-

  • Mindset
  • Funding & Finance
  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Operations & Admin
  • Recruitment & Compliance
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Obtaining Client Contracts
  • Resource Directory of useful contacts and discounts to get you up and running as quick and as efficiently as possible!

This a cost efficient, SIMPLE, straight to the point course with the sole aim of getting your agency up and running as quick as physically possible!

Plus you get access to our private community where you can ask as many questions as you want!

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